At UCC you will find we have some of the most durable, solid wood, custom designs on the market.

Your choices are literally unlimited. You will be working directly with our cabinet master to make sure you are aware of all your options and assure you get exactly the look you are trying to achieve.
Upon making all final selections we will provide the actual cabinet door as a sample for approval prior to start of production. We have multiple woods available as well as custom stains and designs. Upon completion you will have a one of a kind kitchen or bath with our unique designs making your home the envy of all friends and family.

When considering replacing your existing cabinets with new cabinets there are other options for those on a budget.

Although new custom cabinets is always best, if you are limited on time or budget sometimes refacing can be a good alternative
to acheive the results you are looking for. Given the options of repainting or refinishing, these methods will not last as long as you would like and can be a difficult task considering the labor involved. If your current cabinets are still sturdy, but the finish is old and the doors are outdated, you do have a better option!


  • 80% of what the eyes see are your cabinet doors and drawers
  • By refacing, you already own over 1/2 of your new cabinets
  • Refacing installations are quick and reliable –in most cases less than one week
  • Refacing a kitchen requires a minimal amount of inconvenience compared to major remodeling
  • Reduced cost in comparison to new cabinets

Before and After Photos Here!
View just a few of the the Cabinets Avalilable Here!

We offer many types of custom cabinetry from complete new solid wood cabinets to solid wood doors only to laminate doors.

If you choose the solid wood you will have the opportunity to create your own custom design, choosing your own design of the door and any color or stain. There are literally hundreds of options, all custom made to fit your taste and budget. You will be provided with a sample door, you will approve, prior to starting production.

Long-Term Quality

Our cabinets are the finest in the industry as evidenced by 30 years of satisfied customers. Our factory process maintains the highest standards for repeatability, build quality, and quality control. Often, the hardest decision to make is selecting a color or wood grain and custom design that you will love for many years to come.

When you select UCC cabinets, you can be assured that the materials, the craftsmanship, and installations are all designed to give you a durable product for many years.